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Why do we call your nails your best accessories?  Think about it.  We use our hands for everything.  They are always visible.  We talk with our hands, we shake hands with people, we demonstrate with our hands.  We need for our hands and nails to always look the part. Many people make nail contact before they make eye contact. Your hands can tell so much about you. 

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What Is Vegan Nail Polish Anyway?

I bet you're wondering, what the heck is vegan nail polish? You didn't know there was such a thing as vegan nail polish.  Are there really animal parts inside nail polish?  Let's get into it! The term vegan refers to more than just food.  It pertains to anything that would have normally been made using animal ingredients, that now is not.  Vegan nail polish does not contain any animal ingredients or animal byproducts.  In case you're wondering what types of animal ingredients go into some traditional polishes, let me explain. Lanolin- is a waxy substance that comes from wool-bearing animals such as sheep.  Sheep need lanolin to help protect them from the elements.  It is meant to help them keep...

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