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5 Nail Trends For 2021

Anything Red Manicure The most popular and classic color has once again cycled back into our nail polish collections. For 2021, red nails is a must have color for every nail polish addict. Whether...

Nail & Beauty Studio

Hello Beauties! Opening a nail studio definitely feels like a dream come true. From choosing paint colors to choosing the right furniture, it has been a busy and complicated, but fun time. One thin...

Understanding Your Nails - Bitten Nails

I want to be very clear. This is not a post about how you can stop yourself from biting your nails with tricks or nasty tasting chemicals. This post is about the nail disorder, bitten nails, and ho...

Polishing With Stylush - Pink Sugar Glitter Nails

Looking to glam up your nails? Our Stylush Pink Sugar Glitter Nails is one of our favorite nail designs. You can easily achieve this look in just a few short steps. All you need to achieve this s...

Understanding Your Nails - Vertical Grooves

One of the worst things in the nail world is polishing your nails and not getting a clean smooth finish in the end, after wasting about 20-30 minutes doing them, and sometimes even longer. You have...

Understanding Your Nails - Dark Lines

Have you ever examined your fingernails or toenails and noticed that they were not the normal pale pink that they should be? Have you seen this dark line on your nail plate? I bet the first thin...

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