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Anything Red Manicure

The most popular and classic color has once again cycled back into our nail polish collections. For 2021, red nails is a must have color for every nail polish addict. Whether it be full coverage red nails, or 50's inspired red half moon manicure, or red french manicures, we love it and can't wait to see them.


Natural Nails

With the popularity of Cardi B's long, luxurious, blinged out nails, there is a huge amount of nail beauties who embrace their natural nails. What we will see a lot of is nude nail polish or pale pinks. You may even want to go with just a clear coat. Everyone has their reasons why they choose to go natural, whether it be for work reasons, health reasons, or just personal preference. Whatever the reason may be, natural girls, you are welcome at Stylush Beauty Box.


Long Natural Nails

This trend goes hand in hand with the previous one. The only difference is that these nail beauties love to wear their natural nails long. These nail beauties care for their nails in a way to promote nail growth. The best thing about growing out your natural nails is that you can get all those cute designs that you would get if you were wearing tips. Are you ready to take the nail growth challenge?

Indie Nails

Think of indie nails as being short for independent nails. Each nail is independent from all of the other nails. Meaning, you are free to make every nail design unique and beautiful in it's own right. Nails don't have to be monochrome any more. Treat every nail as if it has it's own personality. This trend is hitting the streets fast. Express yourself nail beauties!

Muted Shades

I like to call them dusty shades. Think of muted or dusty shades as a color that got a little but of dust in it, making it a little grey-ish. Muted pinks are our all time fav. If you're wearing a fuchsia top and fuchsia pants, finish off your nails with a muted pink to add some contrast. Remember, your nails are your best accessories, so use them to add a muted mix of color.


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  • I’m glad to hear that muted and dusty shades are on-trend right now. I personally love the color mauve because I think it looks really great with my fair neutral skin tone. It sounds like this would be a good color to ask for the next time I get a manicure.

    Anna Davis on

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