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Get Ready To Pick Up These Habits Just In Time For Summer 

The winter is here, giving our hands a rough time.  Here are 5 quick and easy nail care habits that you can start doing right now to hand your hands ready for the spring and summer.  You have a few months to make these tips lifelong habits, so let's get started.


1. Keep moisturizing hand cream in the bathroom so that every time you wash your hands, you can immediately moisturize before you even leave the bathroom.  It's easy to continue on with our activities without thinking twice about moisturizing.  This way, the cream is there just waiting for you.

2. In the winter months, it may be difficult to keep your hands warm.  Gloves often don't effectively protect your hands from the elements.  You can wear rubber gloves, latex, or non-latex gloves underneath your fashion gloves for added warmth and protection.  

3. Once your hands become dry and cracked it is sometimes difficult to repair them, especially if your hands are constantly exposed to the elements or if you frequently work with your hands.  When you get a spare moment, you can rub the gel from an aloe vera plant all over your hands and let them sit for approximately 15 minutes.  This will help repair the dry, cracked skin quicker.

4. Keep cuticle oil in your handbag at all times so that you can moisturize your nails and cuticles on the go.  Lotions and creams are great, please use those as well.  But your nails and cuticles need moisture to be infused into the skin and nail.  A product that was made specifically for your nails.  Keeping it in your bag will make it readily available for you at all times.  To get Stylush cuticle and nail oil click here

5. To soften hands and remove dead skin, exfoliation is key.  For a quick at home fix, don't throw away your coffee grounds.  After you've made your morning coffee, dump your grounds into a bowl, add a few drops of oil, (whatever you have in your kitchen; olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil) any cooking oil will work for this quick fix. Moisten the grounds with water.  Rub all over your hands in a gentle motion, rinse in cool water, and your done.  Softer, moisturized hands in an instant, just like your coffee.

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