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I bet you're wondering, what the heck is vegan nail polish? You didn't know there was such a thing as vegan nail polish.  Are there really animal parts inside nail polish?  Let's get into it!

The term vegan refers to more than just food.  It pertains to anything that would have normally been made using animal ingredients, that now is not.  Vegan nail polish does not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products.  In case you're wondering what types of animal ingredients go into some traditional polishes, let me explain.

Lanolin- is a waxy substance that comes from wool-bearing animals such as sheep.  Sheep need lanolin to help protect them from the elements.  It is meant to help them keep water from their wool. Lanolin is put into cosmetics because of its ability to protect, and treat the skin.  Guess what beauties?  Vegan products can do the same thing.

Carmine- is what has been known to give red nail polishes its rich red color. Any idea where carmine comes from?  It comes from the process of boiling beetles in an ammonia solution and crushing them into small parts.  The insect parts are then filtered out and a chemical compound is added to the insect solution which produces a deep red color. So look out for carmine in your ingredients lists.  Red color can be achieved without using small insects.

 Guanine- is known to give nail polishes that pearl-like shimmer. This effect has been achieved by using the scales of fish. Newsflash ladies! There are ways to create that effect without the use of animal derived ingredients.

These are just a few, but just wanted to give you a little terminology. Those ingredients lists are not going to say that their products contain sheep fat, crushed beetles, and fish scales.  So, if you're not sure of what you're about to purchase, just keep google handy before you make that decision.



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