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One of the worst things in the nail world is polishing your nails and not getting a clean smooth finish in the end, after wasting about 20-30 minutes doing them, and sometimes even longer. You have these raised vertical lines in your nails that most people call ridges, when in fact, they are actually grooves.
These grooves is really just uneven growth. However, since they are grooves and not ridges. It is best that you do not attempt to file them down. Ridges are raised or above the surface, while grooves are beneath the surface. This is the reason why it is not recommended that you file or buff the nail smoothly and evenly. If you file or buff, you are taking the nail surface down to the level of the groove. This in turn, is taking away from the strength of the nail. This will cause weak nails and more breakage.
Why do you have these grooves you ask? Having grooves is a normal part of the aging process. It is common in older adults. However, it has been documented that vertical nail grooves is also common in those who have been diagnosed with anemia. Check with your health care professional to get answers to your specific questions as every person is different. What may show up as a sign of disease in others, does not mean the case is the same for you.
Now that you know what these lines are, we can discuss getting rid of them. Or at least, diminishing the appearance of them. It's simple. all you need is a ridge filler. A ridge filler is a base polish that you paint onto the nails to fill in grooves in the nails, giving you a nice, smooth surface that's ready for your color coat. It's just one extra step that will give your nails a nail salon worthy manicure.

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