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I want to be very clear. This is not a post about how you can stop yourself from biting your nails with tricks or nasty tasting chemicals. This post is about the nail disorder, bitten nails, and how to heal the skin and prevent disease and infection in your fingers. The professional term is called Onychophagy. This is what happens to your nails after you've eaten them up like your last meal on earth. You will see ripped, chewed, torn skin, the free edge ripped off to where part of the nail bed is exposed, hangnails, and exposed flesh.

First of all, putting your fingers in your mouth is one of the most dangerous habits you can have. When you make a habit of something, you tend to do the habit unconsciously. Which means, you forget that you've touched that door in the subway tunnel, or that you shook hands with someone you've just met, or you forget that you've slid your hand down the railing on the steps to your workplace. Then, the fingers go right in your mouth. Right now of all times, is the absolute worst time to have your fingers anywhere near your mouth. So this information is for you to understand the dangers of bitten nails.

Most likely, if you bite your nails often, you have broken skin. It is important for you to understand that broken skin is a gateway for germs and disease. The best way for you to prevent disease and infection in your fingers is to clean the affected areas, use antibiotic ointment, and wear bandaids until the skin has healed. Do not by any means get a manicure at a nail salon when you have broken skin. You will be just asking and welcoming infection and fungus into your nails. Even the cleanest of nail salons may invite infection because your skin is open. There are thousands of people who had to get fingers and toes amputated due to infection from open skin. We don't want this to happen to you.

Many people develop the habit of biting their nails because the nail and skin around the nail is so dry and damaged that they start biting it off just because it's there. So it is important to keep your nails neat and maintained. Keep your hands and nails moisturized to keep dry skin at bay. Cuticle oil works wonders. It gets into the skin to moisturize instead of just sitting on top. Once your broken skin is healed, a manicure would be appropriate to remove any dead skin, as dead skin will not moisturize. There are so many reasons why people bite their nails. But for some people, a pretty manicure is all it takes to keep those fingers out of their mouths forever.



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