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10-Free / Vegan / Cruelty-Free


When you set out to purchase nail polish, you may have had no idea that there were different levels to nail polish. We are here to tell you that there definitely are. The amount of toxins in the polish determines the levels. The nail polishes here at Stylush are considered 10-Free.  There are commonly known toxins included in traditional nail polishes, and we have excluded 10 of those toxins from our formulas. Click on the toxins to read a little about why we do not include them in our formulas.

Formaldehyde / Formaldehyde Resin / DBP / Ethyl Tosylamide / TPHP / TBHP / Xylene / Toluene / Camphor / Parabens



Typically, when we speak about something being vegan, we are usually speaking about food. Did you know that beauty products can be vegan? More specifically, did you know that nail polish can be vegan? Wait, what exactly makes nail polish non vegan? Are there animal ingredients in nail polish? Actually, yes there can be animal ingredients included in some nail polishes. Have you ever seen any iridescent nail polishes? That's a very unique color. Depending on how you position it, it displays as multiple colors usually pink and lavender. The color may be listed on the ingredients as "pearl essence".  Pearl essence is a substance called Guanine, which is made from the scales of fish and acids that are commonly found in animal tissue.  Just one of the reasons why we choose to be a vegan brand.



When deciding how to develop products, some companies test their products to measure the effects, benefits, longevity, and so on.  Unfortunately, these companies will test their products on helpless animals. Many of them become ill, and even die. We have teamed up with PETA to certify that we do not test our products on animals, ever.