Stylush Beauty Box is the lifelong dream of owner, Sheree Smith. Determined to be an entrepreneur, she set organized and strategic goals to get to this moment of opening her very own nail studio.

​From CNA To CEO

Always striving to do better, Sheree has always climbed the ladder of success, gaining more knowledge and education every step of the way. Her first job out of high school was working as a CNA at a nearby hospital. It was a very emotional job to have to do, and so after about a year she left the job and went to college. After trying college for a while, that didn't seem to be the right place for her either. She got recertified as a CNA and worked at a nursing home as well as a gate agent at the airport. While working at the airport, she lost my father to health issues, just before getting pregnant. After having her son, while working two jobs, she realized that she had a greater purpose in life and had to start thinking bigger. She got promoted to the payroll department at the airport, then used her payroll experience to work at a payroll company. The payroll company was definitely a step up from the other jobs, but still not fulfilling. While working at the payroll company she lost her mother to health issues. This is when she realized that life is too short, and that she'd better start making some serious changes in her life regarding her health and her finances. She quit the payroll job and pursued fashion at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. She loved being creative, which is why she had no love for her previous jobs.

After losing both of her parents in their 50's, Sheree decided to adopt a healthier way of living.  She has a now 16 year-old son and wanted to teach him how to live a healthy lifestyle.  She didn't want to allow early deaths to be a normal tradition in her family.  She started to eat in a more healthy manner and stopped eating meat and dairy. This led to reading ingredient labels for everything she purchased. She stopped using chemical relaxers and parabens in her hair, started being more mindful of beauty products being used, and began a regular fitness routine.  While learning more and more about her new lifestyle, she learned about the toxins in beauty and skincare products. There were even toxins in traditional nail polishes.  With nail polish being a big part of her life as a fashion designer, this was important to her. She also realized that all of her healthy routines could possibly have been counteracted by the toxic nail polish she was using. In an effort to continue her new safer and healthier  lifestyle, Stylush® was born as a 10-free, vegan, and cruelty-free nail polish brand. Stylush® is PETA certified.

Stylush® is her first business, which is an acronym that stands for Simply Transforming Your Lifestyle Using Style & Health.  It means that you can change from a toxic lifestyle to one that is sound and healthy by slowly swapping out toxic products and toxic foods to more healthy ones, and doing it with style. This is the foundation that Stylush Nail Polish was built on.

As the nail polish brand grew, Sheree was looking for the next thing. In order to build her brand, she thought that it would be wise to become a nail technician, to give her credibility as a nail polish brand owner. What she didn't realize is that her experience as a fashion designer, gave her an edge and ability to be an exceptional nail artist.

In 2020, Sheree made the decision to open up her own nail studio. After countless years of feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in her work life, she found the perfect location to launch her career as a nail technician. Stylush Beauty Box is a unique nail and beauty studio that focuses on natural nail services. SBB offers privacy, personalized service, and exclusivity. SBB specializes in nail art and nail care.

Her entire life since graduating from high school, Sheree has been setting herself up for greatness. Taking baby steps, and getting all of her ducks in a row. As she likes to call it, "Taking it one nail at a time." Sheree aims to change your perspective about nail polish, nail care and self care, one nail at a time. Make a reservation and see for yourself.

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